Audivisuals Commission

This commission was born as merging commissions Library, Computer, Blockbuster and Photography, to develop all the activities performed by these committees. Therefore, it conducts a variety of activities.

It is responsible for maintaining the library located on the third floor of the residence, in which the lending of books, magazines and CD's are offered to all residents. All material in the library is registered in a database managed by the members of the commission, which they control the loans and the opening and closing of the library. The catalog offered is renewed every year taking into account the tastes and preferences of users, who are offered the opportunity to apply for new acquisitions.

It also performs maintenance of cameras available in the residence, with which the commission members photograph the different events held throughout the year. Many of his later works decorate some rooms of the residence, as the Miguel Delibes room. Many of the photographs made by the Commission are later published in the journal "Octava Plante" in both its paper edition and digital, as well as on the website of the Residence.

In addition, it is responsible for organizing a photography contest for all residents as well as the exhibition of such works.