Purpose and Government


La Alfonso VIII Hall of Residence was created in 1991 by resolution of the Governing Board of the University of Valladolid. It is a mixed dorm witch provides services acording to the Universitary legislation, the statutes and the internal regulations of the University of Valladolid.

Provides accommodation to the students and visiting professors from the oficial studies offered by the University, staying open throughout the academic year and plays a key rol in admision and residence of any person associated with the University.

Cohabitation is nice and quiet, also worthwhile to emphasize its great academic extra activity. La Residencia is known for the large participation of the residents in their direction, as well as the organization of multiple activities through its committees, cultural association and his theater group.



Is responsible for the management for proper operation of the dorm and its external representation. They try an open and fluid communication with the students through regular meetins with tutors.

Director: Carlos Ibañez Giralda
Deputy director: Víctor Martín Pérez



Is the responsible person for the administrative management of the dorm, such as ups and downs of residents and the collection management.



Is the responsible for the cleaning of the dorm, also gives sheen to Direction or maintenance service of the need for possible action as replace / repair furniture or painting rooms.



During the 24 hours of day there are a concierge or vigilant located on the main floor responsible for ensuring the needs of residents. Among others, provide information, answer questions, attend private locker rooms or the alarm system will be familiar tasks of Concierge.



Residents responsible for each bedroom area. Basically take care of the needs of other residents, coordinate a Commission and ongoing communication between residents and Direction. They receive a scholarship equivalent to the price of the stay for a full academic year, according to an annual call.


Rules of Internal Operations of the Alfonso VIII Hall of Residence (Spanish - PDF)