Theater Commission

In 1996 born the Theatre Group "Alfonso VIII", representing his first play, 

Eloísa está debajo de un almendro, only for residents. It was a success and gradually, people got involved more and more, increasing the level of the performances and the group cachet.

Today the theater is an activity with great tradition in the residence and the Group is considered one of the best in the University of Valladolid.

Its members are, for the most part , residents and ex- residents, although in recent years our directors have been professional endorsed by the School of Dramatic Arts in Valladolid. Being part of this great family does not take more than willing to work, to spend very good moments and take advantage of free time to do this activity as enriching for the person.

Each year it’s usual to represent the play for three or four days in a important theatre pf Valladolid, as is the " Sala Borja " . Over the years , we have represented works such as :El gran teatro del mundo, Las bicicletas son para el verano, Bajarse al Moro, Historia de una Escalera, Diez negritos, La vida en un hilo, El sueño de una noche de verano o Como gustéis.


The last represented plays are:

Romeo y Julieta (2010)

Un marido de ida y vuelta (2011)

Los ladrones somos gente honrada (2012)

El enfermo imaginario (2013)

Los gemelos (2014)


El avaro (2015)